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Technology Days 2017

Technology Days 2017

Chasing Photons in
X-ray and Infrared

  • We are delighted to announce the 4th Hamamatsu Photonics Technology Days; a series of free of charge one-day events held across Europe.  

    This year's theme is "Chasing Photons in X-ray and Infrared".

    To bring this 'theme' closer to you we are delighted to have secured the following leading experts:

    • Dr. Jose Pozo, EPIC
    • Prof. Dr. Markus Sigrist, Insitute for Quantum Electronics, ETHZ
    • Prof. Dr. Peter Seitz, Hamamatsu Photonics Europe, ETH Zurich, EPFL
    • Dr. Dieter Renker, CERN / PSI / TU Munich

    For the first time we offer workshops, giving you an opportunity to have hands-on experience with technology.

    Important Notice:
    The event starts at 9:00 am with a business breakfast. The talks will begin at 10:00 am.

  • This is the preliminary list of venues - more details will follow soon:

    Technology Days 2017 - Map » 17th Nov. 2017 Solothurn, Switzerland
    » 20th Nov. 2017 Munich, Germany
    » 21st Nov. 2017 London, UK
    » 22nd Nov. 2017 Bordeaux, France
    » 23rd Nov. 2017 Milan, Italy
    » 24th Nov. 2017 Helsinki, Finland


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